Marlen, a Social Club

Cocktail & Food Bar Argassi Zakynthos

Marlen Carrer is a Cocktail & Food Bar in Argassi Zakynthos but it is not just a place to eat, drink and dance. Marlen is a Social Club. We believe in the connection among people and the exchange of feelings through food, drinks and music.

We want Marlen to become a hub for people to connect and exchange dreams, ideas and looks.

Become a space where people can meet and contribute into making this world a better place.

Our Producers

Our Menu

Marlen takes the traditional Greek food to a whole new level, by revisiting familiar favorites and creating surprising new versions, harmonious with ingredient seasonality.

All our products come from local sources mainly from the island of Zakynthos and Greece.

We base our menu on childhood memories and personal experiences. As a result, most of Marlen’s dishes have an essence of charcoal, smoke and fire.

Marlen’s menu invites visitors to a sharing experience, where its dishes are served ‘in the middle to share’.

In the context of sustainability and zero-waste philosophy, marlen’s kitchen channels its excess materials to other recipees.

Taste Greece with a twist.

Mixology Classes

Cooking Classes

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Get an authentic greek experience with cooking or mixing at Marlen Carrer the Cocktail & Food Bar Argassi Zakynthos.