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Marlen food menu, takes the traditional Greek food to a whole new level, by revisiting familiar favorites and creating surprising new versions, harmonious with ingredient seasonality.

Our Chef Antonis Kyvetos

Zakynthinian-born, Chef Antonis, always had a passion for food, started cooking when he was 16. With over 20 years of experience in Michelin restaurants, fine dining, traditional Greek establishments, and hotels, Chef Antonis has a deep appreciation for seasonal and local ingredients and a zero-waste mentality.

The processing of the materials is minimal and done with simple methods so that the original taste is not altered, while some materials will be processed with more modern methods, trying to give a different perspective approach to the dish.

As Antonis says..

“We live in an era where for the first time we can combine ingredients from all around the world.
I wanted to create recipes that are simple and inspired from my travel experiences, either externally or in the recipe itself, with an emphasis on the quality of the raw material. There are no limits to the creation, but the Greek element is always dominant.
I am always trying to get my ingredients from the best producers and the closest ones in order to respect the environment.”

Our Menu

Constant changing menu concept description.