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About Us

A Stone house that was transformed into a cocktail & food bar in 2015, recreating an “Eden at Night” where you can connect emotionally & socially through food, drinks and music.

Marlen, a Social Club

Marlen following the steps of Greek hospitality is opening the door of her house to anyone. we believe in the connection among people and the exchange of feelings through food, drinks and music. It is a social club.

We approach products and ingredients in a respectful and subversive way. Aiming to be a sustainable business were there is nearly no waste. Like our glass bottle wall which contains the memories and stories of hundreds of people that have visited our bar.

The Starting Point

Marlen embarked on its journey when marlen carrer and her son Dionisis Kitsikis, decided to transform her house into a bar.

Marlen Carrer is a descendant of the Carrer family belonging in the libro d’oro*.

She grew up in Zakynthos and Athens. being close friends with people such as, queen Sofia of spain, Melina Merkouri, Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Xatzidakis and Marlon Brando led her to understand the world in her own unique way.

She was always known for the parties she hosted.

That said, led her, together with her husband Antonis Kitsikis (one of the most famous architects in Athens) to open the first club and bring the first! DJ in Greece in 1964, called AA64 at plateia Kolonakiou in Athens.

Later on, she moved back to Zakynthos were in 1970’s she opened the Akrotiri club in Akrotiri, Zakynthos.

When her son Dionisis Kitsikis decided along with his family to leave Athens and move to Zakynthos, they decided to transform her house into a bar.

Unfortunately, Marlen did not make it to see her dream come true as she passed away just a couple of months before the opening of the bar.

*Libro d’Oro: The Libro d’Oro (English: The Golden Book), originally published between 1315 and 1797, is the formal directory of nobles in the Republic of Venice (including the Ionian Islands).


Nana and Dionisis, veteran filmmakers and their children Antonis & Elektra after living all their lives in the city of Athens and looking for a real meaning in life, they realised that life is about connecting with people. That said, they decided to move back to their roots and open a cocktail & food bar in Zakynthos together with Marlen Carrer. A Social Club. They see life in a different way. They want to create a hub where they will connect with people and create a change in the world. Sustainability and best quality from local or greek ingredients is their first aim.
The manager of the place is Antonis Kitsikis – Carrer ( Director/Writer who aims to communicate with people through the art of Film and through the art of the bar.